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Outsourcing will save you more than money....

It will allow you to focus on your core business.

More than 40 years of manpower supplying experience. 

DCExcel is an organization based from Manila, Philippines, that offers customised solutions in IT, Business Administration, Healthcare and other commonly outsourced service areas. Its remote services was founded in 2010, branching out from its land-based manpower supplying business that has been an industry leader since the late 1970's. 

DCExcel's main goal is to utilize advance technology to negate distance, increase efficiency and increase bottom lines for their international clientele. 


Our office is located on the South of Metro Manila. 

  • We use the fastest Internet connection available in the country and with reliable back-up to ensure uninterrupted connectivity. 

  • Quality workstations. 

  • Homey yet modern facilities. 

  • Clients will have peace of mind in knowing where to reach us. 



An alternative to onsite working is the home-based setup. An answer to the new normal.


  • Ideal for companies requiring flexible scalable team.

  • Wider access to more talents. 

  • Employee satisfaction is high as it creates a better work-life balance.  

  • Pandemic proof way to make sure that your company's operations will be uninterrupted. 



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